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"People asked if I was OK, people said don’t take any risks, people said no heroics please, people said, I can’t really imagine what happened, what it must be like, what I would do. So I set about sharing the accounts of some of those directly affected, talking to expats that have made this area their home, to help gain insight, share knowledge and aid the healing process."​

Suzanne Radford

Suzanne Radford and Michael Mardon bring together an audio/visual collection of personal accounts over the course of 8 months following the fires in August 2018. People lost a lot, but the land is recovering and some homes, not all, are being rebuilt and plants and trees are coming back, wild life is returning and  ...’we can hear the owl hoot again’.

Fire protection and prevention is an on-going conversation and it really helps to hear people's stories and experiences. Thank you to all those who have contributed and if you would like to share your story, advice or thoughts then please get in touch to include your voice in this space. Suzannex

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